036 - 2009-12-21 Sourdough

Dashed outta work expecting to find wet conditions. Boy was I wrong! The valley had been warm, touching the upper 40s and the day before was also above freezing with some rain. This, in combination with a lot of traffic and very little sun making it into the north facing canyon, made for a very hard packed and icy trail. Going up was not pretty, but went by quick. Turned around at the 2 mile marker again and hoped for the best on the way down.

Tried to go slow, but Niko kept going faster and the snowplow of death wasn't cutting it; my left ski was bouncing all over the place at a high rate of oscillation. (Why don't they make skating skis with metal edges? Because everybody is supposed to ski on freshly groomed happy trails). I finally caved to the fact that I did not have control and thought about just putting it down, but that could have been painful or worse. Decided to just let the skis run and while letting out a long "waaahhhhh" somehow made it through the last few turns without wrecking to the flat run out.
Conditions - Treacherous
Ski - Fischer SCS 185

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