027 - 2009-12-05 Big Sky

Last day of free ski week at Big Sky and the first day Andesite was open. Caught some nice snow off to the side of the front side groomers and hit Africa a few times. That was sweet as it wasn't groomed and had not got much traffic up to the point; lots of untracked, or semi tracked. Unfortunately others started to figure this out and by the third run we had to negotiate a few gaggles of skiers. Did a run down Ambush prior to heading in for lunch, on the last pitch over on the left, I took a spill that did some serious rotation on my lower right leg - it hurt. Following lunch, did a run in the Bowl where it became clear that I was done skiing on this day. Headed out and down the hill to Lone Peak Brewrey for some much needed medication.
Conditions - Decent stuff for the picking on Andesite, Bowl and elsewhere was decent. Temps were moving from chilly to cold, not a lot of people on the hill in the PM.
Ski - K2 Anti Piste 181 mounted with BD 01s. First day out on this setup. Jury's still out, but first results are encouraging. Did good in the softer stuff where I would blaze down, crash n burn and repeat. Little worried about how my lower leg was torqued, first time I ever wished I had a releasable binding.

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