023 - 2009-11-28 Window Rock Area

This is the one the best skis in the whole area. Most of the skiing is going up mellow, almost too mellow, 2 tracks, but what makes it great is the killer views around each corner. Its one thing to see Hyalite, but to see the whole basin from above and to have the east wall in your face is awesome. The look over at Blackmore ain't too bad either. Allow 2+ hour on the way up, half that down, total elevation gain 1100-1200 feet. Since its mellow, anyone can do it.
There are some fairly open areas near the top that allow for some turns. Most looks to be less than 30 degrees, so its relatively safe. Best way back down is to skin or traverse back to the road. Going back down through the thick trees is tight, steep and evil.

Parked in a turnout and went up the meadow next the cabin and over the x-c trail on the edge of the meadow. The trail follows on old 2 track. After a mile or so took the 2 track that winds up the hillside. Nearing the top it opens up and I was able to catch a couple turns back to the road. Then it was back down the 2 tracks to the meadow by the cabin for a couple turns and out to the car.
Conditions - 3 - 4 fresh from the night before over an existing base. Mostly nice, a bit heavy in places exposed to the sun.
Ski - Karhu Dorado 195

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