029 - 2009-12-11 Moonlight

A bittersweet opening day at Moonlight. Me and Gibby boarded the 6-Shooter at 9:15 and plenty of untracked beckoned. Then reality hit going down the main line in Headwaters Bowl; the injury from the previous weekend to the lower tib-fib made any tele turn to the right yucky - I was flailing like a rookie. Had to stick to greens and blues for the day. If I varied from the groomers, I skied like an idiot, going down in ugly ways. OTOH, I gained a greater appreciation for Horseshoe, that run goes forever and doesn't have the flat strechs that Trembler does. Gonna stick to x-c for the next week and avoid undo stress on the right leg.
Conditions - Plenty of untracked, but much of it was breakable wind crust. Groomers were sweet due to limited traffic. It was still cold on the hill.
Ski - K2 Anti-Piste 181 - should have brung short easy turning narrow skis.

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