025 - 2009-12-01 Big Sky

Took the day off work and began the month by heading to Big Sky with the Gibbinator. There had been some the snow the night before and it was still coming down. Had a couple nice runs in the bowl. Then getting off the triple noticed that the tram was open. Caught THE first tram of the year and then first group of tracks down Liberty Bowl. It was nice, but I didn't ski it all that well. On the long way back to the base I spotted a little shot off the side of the cat track. On the second turn I crossed my skis, went down and Mr. Knee met Mr. Rock. It hurt, but I was walking wounded. Decided to down some frothy painkillers at Mr Hummers and that was pretty much it for skiing that day. A day of the good and the bad.
Conditions - Varying amounts of new over a solid base. As much as 8+ in Liberty Bowl. A tad chilly.
Ski - G3 Rapid Transit 178

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