017 - 2009-11-21 Hyalite Maxey Cabin Area

A full day started out with some fresh snow that continued off and on for the rest of the day. Took a tour over to Palisades Falls in the morning. Fun rollling trail to the parking lot, though up from there was a bit sketch, as the all access asphalt trail needs a lot of snow to be kind. Had the place to ourselves, on the way down a couple F-15s buzzed by real low - Wow!

After relaxing a bit in the cabin, Shawn pulled up and shortly thereafter it was out to meadow to test Gibby's kite. I skied around the meadow while they messed with the kite, to little success. Then we took the rolling trail over from the cabin again, nice moody views of Hyalite. Following a big dinner, Shawn set up his generator and big lights for some night skiing, good fun.
Conditions - Some nice new snow over a crusty base.
Ski - Kahru Dorado 195 in the morning and at night. Epoke 900 200 in the afternoon.

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