034 - 2009-12-19 Moonlight

Back to Moonlight with Gibby after a week of taking it easy on the lower leg bones. Still tried to stay on the groomers or heavily skied runs, the by-product of which is that I could finally concentrate on technique. Good fun till near the end where I tried some steeper untracked and heavy. Ouch, the leg is not ready yet. Adjourned to Choppers for some medication.
Conditions - Packed in most places with not too much recent snow to freshen things up. Moderate temps were nice.
Ski - Movement Joystiq 166, a full on park ski, with BD 03 bindings. First time out on these, picked them up new for next to nothing, but didn't have bindings till too late last season. Probably a tad too short, but quite enjoyable and they didn't torque the leg. They handled backwards real well, but I couldn't see where I was going.

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