093 - 2010-04-10 Big Sky - Pond Skim!

A big day each year and this one was no different. Got a bit later start than desired with Dunc, Mahala and Hayden. By the 11 or so we rolled into Big Sky, we discovered that a few others had the same idea. I'd never seen the place so packed, we had to park on a side road. After getting all set up at the base area around noon, we hooked up with Cody and Gibby and headed up towards the bowl. Had a good run down with Dunc and the kids, then they headed down to the base for food n stuff.

Seeing that the tram line was a bit long, we headed down to go back up to make our way over towards Shedhorn and then Dakota. Once over that way we traversed over to nice snow under some cliffs and made our way down. After that it was some headwall to the left of Sreaming Left and over to the Shedhorn Yurt for a much needed cold beverage.

After the long traverse back to the base area, met up with Yatsuko at Mr Hummers for eats and shotz while the others took another run. We were soon joined by Mai, Masumi, Gibby and Cody. We trekked over to a good vantage point for the Pond Skim, where we got a good view of all sort of skiers willing to immerse themselves in cold water and various crowd related mayhem. After all too briefly watching Craig and the Cropdusters, we headed over to Scissorbill's, where Dunc and the gang saved me from too much fun.

A few more pix here:

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