090 - 2010-04-02 Chief Joseph Pass

Duncan scored a night in the Gordon Reese hut which is in the middle of a pile cross country trails at Chief Joseph Pass and a mile or so from Lost Trail Pass. This place is the Taj MaHut of Forest Service cabins. Only a few years old, the hut is very well built, spacious and has a full kitchen. Myself, Dunc, Gibby and Chris arrived to the parking lot in mid afternoon and skied the half mile in with packs and a pulk loaded with full supplies. Then it started dumping. Was able to get in a couple runs in the open meadows near the cabin, low angle but good fun. Then settled into a full dinner and further festivities.
Conditions - This is a cross country ski area with groomed trails, but due to being late in the season they had not been fully groomed in a while. However it was still pretty good. Off trail was supportable and soon covered in fresh fluffy goodness.
Ski - Karhu Dorado 195 - Brought a few other pairs of skis, but these got the call because they rock! And real good with a heavy pack on.

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