091 - 2010-04-03 Chief Joseph Pass

Second day at the Gordon Reese cabin/hut and the ski trails at Chief Joseph Pass ski trails. Woke up to 6" of freshies and eventually made our way out. Upon leaving the cabin the fresh snow started to cake up on my skis. I followed the gang out to the top of the open meadows and was about to bail due to snow sticking to the skis. This is where Chris saved the day, coming back up the hill with a can of Easy-Glide and that did the trick, no problems after that. After a run down, we went around and through a bunch of the trails. Yet again 5 Hour Energy powered Gibby led the way. Made our way back the cabin for some eats before we had to clear out for the next crew. Ski out was a bit tedious with 2 packs on.
Conditions - 6 or so of fresh made for some nice skiing. Temps were a bit chilly for April
Ski - Karhu Dorado 195

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