089 - 2010-03-27 Moonlight

A landmark day! Everything came together for perhaps the best ski day of the season. Snow, skis and maybe my own attitude converged to one point of goodness. Best run eva down upper Headwaters Bowl from the traverse, warp speed arcs in the bowl off to the side of the Headwaters Lift and all points in between. Satiated, I quit early and sat out in the sun at the Madison Lodge with a pitcher of beer.
Conditions - There was a good bit of snow the day before and the upper off piste areas still held niceness. And there was not a single cloud in the sky!
Ski - K2 Anti Piste 181 - The fat kinda rockered boards had sat in the corner forgotten and forlorn all winter after I tweaked my leg on them in the first week at Big Sky. OMFG, I have found my one true love! Could do no wrong and when it seemed like I would, I was able to bring it back.

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