092 - 2010-04-04 Moonlight

What looked to be an inauspicious day turned out to be way cool. Getting a not so terribly early start, we started riding the the lifts to blue skies, and though the lower groomed runs didn't really give an indication, there was plenty of good snow up higher. Had great runs down Upper Headwaters Bowl, Obsidian, Upper Horsehoe Bowl and points inbetween. In the afternoon we stopped to take in the Spring Runoff, where inspired competitors took sick lines down the Heaadwaters area for points and glory. There were some classic lines; Merrick, who has patrolled there since Moonlight opened said, "Wow I've never seen somebody ski that before". There were also some classic wrecks, though nobody got hurt. Finished things off with eats and cold beverages at Wokee.
Conditions - Bluebird and fresh snow up high, could ask for anything more?
Ski - K2 Anti-Piste 181 - The skis make the man!

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