070 - 2010-01-14 Bohart

Had a great day up at Bohart with Naia, Heidi, Hayden, Dunc, Mahala and Jen. After the last time up there with kids, I wasn't expecting much, but they have been have been out walking the walk since then and we went all over the place. Highlights were Hayden dominating the climbs and Naia just skiing fast. Ended up finishing the day with a long picnic lunch under a wondefully blue sky in the parking lot.
Conditions - The best, unless you like it really fast. They got 12 or so the day before and it was groomed out soft and plush and the sun shone; most enjoyable. Plus I didn't intentialy cause anybody to wreck.
Ski - Fischer SCS 185, low flouro waxed and structured - spot on!

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