068 - 2010-02-12 Sourdough

Friday is the High Day if anybody can recall the WABX Air Aces. Out of work a bit early and headed out with Niko and Tesch. Almost got some sun for the first time this season before the 4 mile mile marker. Took a spill at speed coming down to the bridge and a couple others on the way down. Went about a mile past the bridge for maybe 12 miles in about 1:45; back to the car with still good light by 6. Fridays are always the best.
Conditions - A warm day in the valley and it was warm soft lower down, then firmed up, was soft on NE exposure past the bridge and was totally icing on the way down.
Ski - Fischer SCS 185 - Need wax, I could feel them pulling back on the down before it got a bit icey.

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