065 - 2010-02-06 New World Gulch

Recon afternoon run up to the big meadow. A good number of skier cars in the lot, seemed like a good vibe. Took the well travelled winter track up the creek bed after the bridge crossing rather than the summer trail that ramps off to the left. Ran into a number of folks coming down off Ellis who appeared to be pleased. Found there was a set track across the meadow and hopefully beyond. Since that was goal, headed back down the creek bed track which was a bit of a bobsled run. Stopped by Jim's cabin when we were done.

Conditions - Best I've seen it on a trail that is often sketchy, fully covered and not icey the first mile in. Things off to the side were wonderfully pillowy. A warm day in the valley and a couple lower spots were sun softened and had iced up on the back. But most was sheltered and just nice.
Ski - Karhu Dorado 195

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