062 - 2010-01-31 Window Rock

Something a tad more extended than lately; a fairly mellow ski up, but it takes a while. Still damn good for the views up Hyalite, over to Blackmore and across to the Hyalite East Wall. On the way up we could see and hear climbers over on Silken Skein Falls, but the pocket cam sux at zoom, so I didn't get it. Topped out just below Window Rock by an old mine just as the snow started coming down and it got colder. Stopped to eat and came to the disappointing realization that beer is not the best cold weather beverage, but that didn't stop us. Left the down and heavy mitts on for the trip down. Cut down an open area for a few turns that were iffy in mixed conditions and light gear. Followed the main trail down to the road rather the way up that started in the slopes by Window Rock Cabin.
Conditions - Mixed fluffy with a bit of crust on anything that was south facing. Broke trail after about 2 miles in, but it wasn't bad as far those things go.
Ski - Karhu Dorado 195

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