098 - 2010-05-02 Goose Ck

Not quite Mayday, but a cause for celebration. With guarded expectations after seeing some snow in town a couple days earlier vanish and lots of mush in Bear Canyon the day before. Gibby, Niko, Yatsuko and myself headed for Goose Ck hoping for the best and the best is pretty close to what we got. This was Yatsuko's first ever time out in the backcountry (I hate whats attached to term, but it has some currency) and the first time out on the board since her March injury. Skin up went well under almost constant snow. After a short time on top of the ridge we pointed them down for what turned out to be the best, and probably last, Goose Ck run of the year. Finally hit it right! Lower down proved to be a bit heavy, but who cares.

Conditions - Fresh snow from the night before over a solid base. New ranged from 2" down low to 6" near the top and the coverage was tons better than the week before. Dug a pit at the bottom of the open upper snow fields; new stuff was not bonded well, but it was not deep enough to raise a concern.

Ski - G3 Rapid Transit 178 - Last time to try something out before the yurt trip. These are good, but not the uber-ski the Anti-Piste is.

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