096 - 2010-04-18 Goose Ck

Another round of Goose Ck with Gibby and Niko. Headed up under blue skies with a firm snowpack. It was just nice day, too nice; we spent over an hour taking things in on top. Things were starting to get heavy on the way down, but it was still good fun.

Conditions - There was a nice freeze the night before and by the time we were getting to the top it was perfect, just starting to soften up on the surface. Then with nice temps, clear skies and no wind, we sat up top too long. A bit heavy on the descent, though the coverage was decent.

Ski - K2 Anti-Piste 181 Coupled with Scarpa T1s, I think this setup is just too big and burly for moving quickly. A real shame since it skis so well on the way down.

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