097 - 2010-04-24 Goose Ck

Its close by, its not crowded and its kinda fun, so we hit Goose Ck again. As I got out of the car, I realized I had forgot my skins - oops. No prob I thought, there was a good freeze the night before, I'll just boot up. Went really well, until about 3/4 of the way up when I started post-holing to my crotch. This was not fun, I think I was crawling at one point. Nevertheless, I pushed on and finally made to the top. Of course we were a bit behind the curve and things were a bit heavy on the way down and I did make a couple craters in the snow.

Conditions - Freeze the night before was promising, but we hit it a tad too late and it was heavy on the way down. Parts of the way up before the open area on top were way sketch, with one take off the skis stretch and several close to that. Last time for Goose Ck this season, so we thought . . .

Ski - K2 Anti-Piste 181

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