085 - 2010-03-19 Snow King

Rolled into Jackson, checked into the room and had a fine lunch. Then we headed out on the hill for what is termed night skiing, but with a sunny day and daylight savings time, it was a nice late afternoon ski with questionable snow. Total highlight of the day was some guy who loaded a couple of chairs in front of us carrying a bunch of race poles. Somehow it didn't work out for him and he was hanging by an arm from the chair - oops, things hanging by a thread! Lifties and patrol got together a bunch of of giant cushions and, after a bit, he dropped into them. Ran into Jack McConnell, who I hadn't skied with in 20 years. Lost my phone, but they found it at the top of the Couger lift. After a few more challenging runs, went back to the room to find John and Yatsuko already into the beverages and the obnoxious fun began. Carried the fun patrol to Teton Thai - best in a long time, thank you internet!
Conditions - Death cookies times two. Jack, who runs patrol there, said it was the worst of the year. I kinda liked it and the whole day had brilliant sky and air.
Ski - G3 Rapid Transit 178

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