081 - 2010-03-06 Bridger

Went to Bridger for the Pinhead Festival and a bit of skiing with Yatsuko. This year's theme was Carnival and a good number turned out in full party attire for fun in the sun and snow. Still feeling a bit bashed up and my skiing was not as on as I would like it to be. Did some minor hamstring damage and it hurt while turning. Yatsuko dragged me over to Schlasman's, where we had a good view of the crown from the huge Saddle Pk avalanche a couple weeks ago. Interesting run down that I would like to revisit when I've got the mojo back.
Conditions - Warm and sunny day with plenty of sun softened snow. I think the term is Spring Skiing, a bit early for my taste though.
Ski - G3 Rapid Transit 178

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