057 - 2010-01-22 Bridger

Off to Bridger for $15 day with Yatsuko, Mai and Gibby. Though snow was coming down, the day got off to a terrible start with icy bumps in North Bowl. Had to be the worst stuff I skied this year and it just destroyed me for the morning. For some reason, after lunch I got my mojo back; not for the day, but for the season. When I said, "Don't follow me," in some trees by South Boundry, all the hurt leg crap from the last couple months was behind me. Turned out to be a good day with good folks and a fine finish at Jimmy B's. Nothing beats Bridger on a week day.
Conditions - What turned out to be 2" of fresh over an icy base.
Ski - G3 Rapid Transit 178

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