054 - 2010-01-17 Goose Ck

After a slothfull morning headed over to Goose Ck for a quick run up with the pup. Re-found the skin track through the woods where I bruised a rib a couple Thanksgivings ago. Went up to where the open snow fields off of Chesnut Ridge hit the trees. As always, some of the best views close to town. A good fast run back to the car.

Conditions - Sleds had functioned as groomers on the main two track, soft and not icey. Skin track and upper two tracks were packed and firm, almost too much when you're beeing dragged faster and faster by a husky. Good thing I wasn't planning on grabbing some turns, as upper snow off trail was heavy with a crust.
Ski - Karhu Dorado 195 - Climbing machines, where others used skins, I just went along fine. OK, as far as skin tracks go, it wasn't that steep.

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