045 - 2010-01-02 Crescent Lake, Hyalite Lake

Went up Hyalite not sure where to ski but knowing there are plenty of options. Turned into the Blackmore x-c parking lot and it was packed, never seen so many cross country skiers. Went to over to the Hyalite Lake parking lot and headed up the trail to Crescent Lake. After a good jaunt through the woods, interrupted by deadfall, we crossed Hyalite Lake and used the picnic tables at the group area for a lunch location. Then we headed back across the lake back to the parking, passing ice-fishers and the previous day's diving hole.
Conditions - There was a skiff of the snow the night before. Through the woods was a good traveled trail ski, despite the deadfall. The lake along the shore had some incredible kick n glide. That changed to wind crust in the middle of the lake and then got better on the east shore. Going back across the lake we ran into some slush in the middle, thanks to some warm temps, the skis did not cake up with ice.
Ski - Kahru Dorado 195

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