012 - 2009-11-14 Hyalite Window Rock Cabin Area

Woke up to a cloudy and chilly Saturday morning. After getting smoked out by the stove and a grungy pork breakfest, decided to head up the ridge behind the cabin to see if we could find any open areas for some turns. The whole crew trudged through the woods to some old two tracks and then Andy led a skin track up the ridge. Eventualy the skin track became booting in soft snow. By this point my skins were flopping around at the tails and then some and it looked like any more skinning would an exercise in futility. So I wimped out and headed back down the way we came. Gibby, Andy and the extended canine crew headed up, where they quickly found the hoped for open meadows. To my surprise the ski back down wasn't bad and most of it was fun, but in a tight through the trees kinda way.
After a few turns in meadow by the cabin, I enjoyed some rest and a couple cold beverages before I headed back to the meadow. As I topped out, the jibbers that built a kicker the day before hove into view. Hung out with the jibbers, took some pix and got in 5 or 6 runs - good fun in still fluffy snow. Soon after I got back to the cabin, Niko and the whole crew showed up with tales of the good and not so good that I missed.
Skis - G3 Rapid Transit 178 for the skin up and ski through the woods back down. Real sweet in the places I could get in some turns.
Karhu Dorado 195 for runs in the meadow.
Conditions - Run up and down the ridge was varying amounts of new fluff over a consolidated base. Meadow runs were the same fluffy with a slight crust on South facing slopes.

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